Our Rates:

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  • ▪ No charge is made by EEU to the client until the client actually employs a successful applicant.
  • For permanent placements EEU charges 12 % of the successful person’s annual package. This only includes monthly salary times twelve, plus 13th cheque and/or car and/or housing allowance if applicable. Where companies offer all-inclusive cost-to-company packages, the EEU rate drops to 10 % of annual cost-to-company.
  • For contract placements EEU charges, as labour broking fee, R10-00/h if the offered wage is less than R100-00/h, or 11 % of the actual wage if more than R100. Where companies prefer paid public holidays and paid statutory leave to be included in the labour broking fee, this fee increases to 28.5 %. Independent of which fee structure is preferred, EEU pays from their fee for the contractor’s SDL, UIF and Compensation Commissioner. The terms for labour broking invoices are 14 days net.

Click here to view EEU’s present B-BEE status. The actual certificate is available on request.

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